Ala Ritus Restaurant: When You Need A Place With The Right Surprise

Monday, 9 September 2019 | 15:19 WIB
  • Front Facade of Ala Ritus Cafe&Resto
    Front Facade of Ala Ritus Cafe&Resto

    Here we have Palembang’s nasi minyak (Oily/Ghee Rice) that utilizes assortment of side dish such as malbi meat, fried chicken, smashed potato, spicy sambal with pineapple, and melinjo crackers.

    Nasi Campur Ala Ritus is like bittersweet slap with enjoyable assortment food in one plate.

    Every scoop of it contains appropriate sweetness, savory, bitterness, and freshness that don’t dominate each other.

    It is a majestic looking dish in a shape of pyramid with brilliant color combination.

    Served in huge portion, as an opening an opening course it could be a little too much altough when you're hungry, it is certainly not. 

    Klepon Cake Ala Ritus
    Klepon Cake Ala Ritus

    Every dessert in Ala Ritus definitely makes my 2019’s not-to-be-missed desserts (yes some pople make such list).

    Oh, especially their wonderful rendition of traditional desserts.

    Klepon cake is one of them, boasting an enduring appeal with tender texture and melt-in-the-mouth brown sugar fillings.

    Faithful to the original klepon taste, it is a traditional sweet bites that meets modern-day swagger, and it even becomes more relevant with stuffed vanilla cream fillings.

    Krim Bakar Serai (roasted cream with lemongrass) is the type of dessert that will be there in your life when all else fails.

    Its seductively tender texture releases sweetness from cream and sourness from golden berries slices. 

    Ala Ritus: Papatong Koneng (left) and Kecutan Manis (right)
    Ala Ritus: Papatong Koneng (left) and Kecutan Manis (right)

    A lot things are going on in Ala Ritus’ beverage area, but they have similarities that never fail to miss.

    Ala Ritus’ beverages game is all about homemade, local drinks inspired by local tradition.

    There is Kecutan Manis, signature punch that features sophisticated flavors buit by the sourness of tamarind, the sweetness of brown sugar, and the freshness of chia seeds.

    Another local favourite is Papatong Koneng, Ala Ritus’ original recipe made of cloves, lemongrass, nutmeg, and little bit of soda.

    Meaning yellow dragonfly in Sundanese, Papatong Koneng is a sipping-friendly drink with total freshness and moderate sweetness. 

    Ala Ritus just reached its first anniversary in May this year, but it has accomplished such innovations worth your surprising dining time.

    Ala Ritus
    Ala Ritus

    Ala RitusJalan Pos No.1-2, Sawah Besar, Jakarta Pusat 10710

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