Ala Ritus Restaurant: When You Need A Place With The Right Surprise

Monday, 9 September 2019 | 15:19 WIB
  • Front Facade of Ala Ritus Cafe&Resto
    Front Facade of Ala Ritus Cafe&Resto

    Ala Ritus' Meeting Room
    Ala Ritus' Meeting Room

    But team likes Ala Ritus very much.

    The food options are plenty.

    The new, young, bright-eyed waitresses are warm and attentive.

    We did mention pop artsy ambience before but worry not, you wouldn't find eclectic playlists of obscure musicians.

    They play rather soothing songs all day long; and there’s a magical, colorful tunnel that makes your Instagram photos irresistable.

    Still, I know few aspects that others might find Ala Ritus challenging – the rather-expensive prices and slightly-long waiting time.

    But hey, everything in Ala Ritus is worth what its customers pay for it. Let me tell you why. 

    Nasi Campur Ala Ritus
    Nasi Campur Ala Ritus

    Obviously, one of its signature dishes is its take on the Indonesia’s traditional cuisines.

    Sera B
    David Togatorop


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