Pos Bloc Review, A Creative Space Rebranded From A Century-Old Post Office

Thursday, 8 September 2022 | 15:37 WIB
  • A review of Pos Bloc, a place to dine and hangout located in the Jakarta Philatelic Building.
    A review of Pos Bloc, a place to dine and hangout located in the Jakarta Philatelic Building.

    Kitchenesia.com - There is a strange atmosphere in the Jakarta Philatelic Building.

    The century-old post office is now rebranded into creative space called Pos Bloc.

    Lots of young people go there.

    Not surprising, since foods are the main attractions here.

    Our team has curated three iconic F&Bs in Pos Bloc, Jakarta.

    Definitely, a must-try for first-timer.

    1. Roti Bakar Kemang

    Sometimes we want to eat, but we are not necessarily hungry.

    Don’t curb it but eat sharable food, instead like this toast that Roti bakar Kemang has to offer.

    It has chocolate, cashew, banana, and cheese fillings.

    For your information, Roti Bakar Kemang is pretty famous for its toast menu so no more reason to skip this food.

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    2. Jamune

    Jamu is good to maintain wellness but some of us avoid drinking jamu for it is notoriously bitter.

    In Jamune, your favorite jamu is not only rich in flavors for tt boasts a unique color combination.

    We chose Sappan Sunset, a cocktail-inspired jamu that exudes sweet-spicy flavors.

    Beauty in the eyes. Easy on the price.

    3. Coldheart BEC

    Talking about cocktails, we found a cute cocktail bar in Pos Bloc.

    It is Coldheart BEC where you can order festive-colored cocktails and the mixologist performs the mixing in front of you.

    We chose Zefroni, a negroni-inspired cocktail that has bittersweet flavors.

    The bar also channels the 70s disco vibe so that if you want to enjoy music while enjoying cocktails, this place should be on your top list.

    See the video below for our complet review of Pos Bloc.

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