Indonesian Restaurant Review: Made's Warung, The Legendary Balinese Restaurant Is Now In Jakarta

Tuesday, 23 August 2022 | 07:55 WIB
  • Indonesian restaurant review, Made's Warung
    Indonesian restaurant review, Made's Warung - In the late sixties, a humble food stall was nestled by the Kuta road selling typical Balinese staple: fried rice, rice cakes, and unfiltered coffee.

    A table for two do not exist here, and we're going to have an Indonesian restaurant review for it.

    Tourists and locals, all joined together despite language barrier.

    50 years later, the small food stall has become a world-class restaurant with four branches in Bali alone.

    Here comes Made’s Warung, a legendary Balinese restaurant that is brought to Jakarta recently.

    Part restaurant, part bar, part live-music venue, Made's Warung at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, elegantly defies pigeonholing.

    Despite all modernization, Made’s Warung still sticks to its Bali concept.

    Rattan chairs and solid-wood tables dominate the whole dining room.

    But the best part is that Made’s Warung’s elongated layout, making sunshine and wind from the outside circulate around the room.

    Sate lilit

    The best part of this sate lilit is that you can enjoy it as an appetizer, or making them a side dishes of a bowl of warm rice. Either way, sate lilit exudes the aroma of herbs with subtle smoky flavor.

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