Biang Keladi, An Indonesian Restaurant with Warteg Vibe Located at Pacific Place

Friday, 26 August 2022 | 13:20 WIB
  • Indonesian restaurant Biang Keladi is located at the Pacific Place.
    Indonesian restaurant Biang Keladi is located at the Pacific Place. - If you're going to socialize around meal, while keeping hunger pangs at a bay you might want to consider this humble restaurant.

    It might be only footsteps away from your office.

    Biang Keladi is an easy spot on.

    The ‘Modern Warteg’ is located in the Kem Chicks supermarket, on the LG level of Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta.

    Not only that, its striking design really catches any passer-by.

    It highlights buffet counter where guests can choose foods, just like the old-school warteg.

    The green and red pallet become the design point of interest. 

    Comfortable ambience is also created in the lighting, making this humble restaurant highly instagrammable.

    Taking its warteg concept seriously, Biang Keladi provides two versions of its signature mixed-rice menu: Nasi Dalang Kenyang.

    Each type consists of four side dishes: a cup veggie dish, a spicy tofu or egg, one skewer of satay, and one main course.

    You can choose any beef main courses on the B type.

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    Thus, it takes additional Rp. 10 thousand.

    With only additional Rp. 35,000 you can enjoy wagyu beef cooked in traditional recipes.

    On the ala carte menu, guests can choose from variety of noodle dishes like Lo Mie Wagyu Halal and Mie Pok Wagyu Halal.

    And yes, you don’t hear it wrong: both has wagyu beef in it.

    Another recommendation is Soto Betawi, a set menu consists of a bowl of scrumptious beef

    Soto, a bowl of rice and crackers.

    Perfect dish for rainy season.

    In need of coffee? A cup of artisanal coffee by Javanegra is perfect drink to start a conversation.

    Javanegra Coffee booth is also located in Kem Chicks Supermarket.

    Biang Keladi offers intimate, humble dining in the middle of upscale shopping complex.

    It is for those who are away from home but long for the hearty food that only mom can give.

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