Gado-gado BONBIN, Authentic Taste of Indonesian Cuisine to Fulfill Your Gustatory Wander

Wednesday, 4 March 2020 | 10:05 WIB
  • Legendary Gado-gado
    Legendary Gado-gado

    Kitchenesia visited legendary Gado-gado "BONBIN" of Cikini - It is already in my guess that Gado-gado (mixed vegetables with the peanut sauce)  Bonbin is located in an inclusive area, precisely at Cikini IV Street, No.1, Menteng of Central Jakarta.

    Once I stepped my feet in, I wasn’t in the least impressed with its décor, though it didn’t serve me with extravagant view. Even from a moment’s glimpse, I can tell this food stall must have a long story, it can’t be truer.

    It is only understandable if the place awarded by Bondan Winarno culinary awards as “Best Recommended Indonesian Authentic Food” in 2019, because of its lasting existence since 1960 up to current days of modern era. It only proves, though rather implicitly, there must be something unusual that this place offers.

    Exceptional for its thick Gado-gado or peanut sauce


    When I dig deeper what makes Gado-gado “Bon Bin” has such lingered impression to its loyal customers, the owner profoundly explains to me that it significantly has to do with the ingredients, especially that of the peanut.

    Let alone it has always been cautiously selected, they consider a lot of things from how it is cooked to its fillings as well.  Once I tried the legendary Gado-gado firsthand, the sambal felt thick and somewhat stuck in my palate and the seasoning exceeded my gustatory expectation towards the food beforehand.

    Behind the delicacy and authentic taste


    It is only expected that every delectable foods has its underlying reasons, so does Gado-gado “BonBin”. According to the owner, what makes the food outstanding and becomes legendary even snatches an award is because the Gado-gado sauce is made from non-stir-fry beans and leaving out its epidermis.

    The Gado-gado sauce is then manually cooked and steamed. Because of its way of cooking the sauce, it lasts longer for as long as two days. Furthermore, all the ingredients and condiments such as long beans, amaranth, bean sprouts, cucumber, potato, tofu, emping and kerupuk udang (shrimp cracker) are renewed daily, resulted in fresh taste of the food.

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