Spicy Food At Its Best, Try Indonesia Finest Sambal at Cabe Rempah Resto

Monday, 2 March 2020 | 09:45 WIB
  • Rhomboid wood becomes Cabe Rempah Resto signature.
    Rhomboid wood becomes Cabe Rempah Resto signature.

    Kitchenesia visited one of Cabe Rempah Resto's branchs in Teras Benhill

    Kitchenesia.com - Amidst many restaurants with the same concept of bringing out spicy foods to the table, Cabe Rempah Resto emerges to add the lists. 

    For those whose inclination in taste is especially towards spicy foods, I recommend Cabe Rempah Resto as a place worth your bet to satisfy your craving for the finest source of sambal. 

    Though the operational person of the restaurant told me that it is initially aimed for middle to high income people but some main courses are within everyone financial reach, be afraid not! Because it is basically still affordable to many.

    Let's dig further, what this restaurant offers and  there are the points that I want to highlight: design and ambience, menu and price.

    Rhomboid wood as the signature design

    Design-wise, it has this neighboorhood and friendly ambience that simply reach out to everyone, it is all-embracing. The interior, though does not have the luxury of European restaurants, owns its signature that adds elegance to the place, that of: rhomboid pattern wood. Not only that, the consistent use of woodish brown as its basic color for the floors and tables, to great extent, evokes warmth and comfort.

    Though not especially aimed for casual hangout; as the place is quite spacious, it is suitable for pure eating out or just hang out with fulfilling comfort foods. It has two parts, indoor and outdoor part. The former part is less spacious and the view is less refreshing than the latter in which you can stare skyward.

    Lingered spicy aftertaste

    I personally think what makes this restaurant well-rounded lies in their menus that are carefully curated. Kitchenesia was given a chance to taste some of its main courses and beverage. For the former, those of: Tulang Ayam Muda (Fried Chicken Cartilage), Bakmi Goreng Cabe Rempah (Fried Noodle with Herbs), Ayam Cabe Rempah (Fried Chicken with Herbs), Sop Iga (Beef Rib Soup) and Cumi Kecap (Roasted Squid with Sweet Soy Sauce). For the latter: Es Pandan (Pandan Syrup Ice) and Thai Green Tea.

    Chef Sammy as the main Chef of the restaurant chose the word ‘Cabe Rempah’ indeed for a justifiable reason as he said to Kitchenesia. It is so because regardless of the menus, the spicy taste from the sambal feels more solid and left my tounge with spicy aftertaste due to extra use of spices (it is especially prominent in Ayam Cabe Rempah and Bakmi Goreng Cabe Rempah).

    Keeping the commitment intact

    The beverages are no less satisfactory to me, it is as savory as the main courses. Chef Sammy told Kitchenesia that they used imported Pandan extract to get the best of Pandan distinctive taste though I think they could reconsider their decision because it didn't bring significant different to me; though it left me with lingered Pandan flavor.

    Their commitment to their main value (as it is stated on the website) to serve the best starting from its main ingredients of the menu is not just empty words. In lieu of using broiler (ayam pedaging) for chicken dishes, they use rooster (ayam pejantan). The different between the two lies in the lesser use of chemical compound in the latter and more tough meat.

    In terms of taste, as I tried to taste Ayam Cabe Rempah (their most popular menu), it resulted in lasting savory, the meat though fairly sticky blends well with spicy flavor of various type of chilies ; they combine two types of chilies at once.

    Room for improvement 

    The most recommended menu according to Chef Sammy is Sop Iga. I think it is for justifiable reason too because they use fresh ribs that is well-cooked and can be easily torn from its bone. The texture of its meat itself is fine with appropriate seasoning. None of the foods are too much of seasoning as I go on trying each of selected dishes for Kitchenesia.

    Their new entry, that of Tulang Ayam Muda is rather crispy as I chew it. Though it is nothing new in taste, it is pretty much similar to fried chicken only they make use this one particular part from the chicken’s body, that of the cartilage. My only minor complaint is in the tought texture of Cumi Kecap that is rather claggy so it requires me extra effort to masticate it.

    When it comes to price, though rather exclusive in location, it is still affordable to many. So, the market is versatile even though the operational aimed for middle to high income especially white collar labors. With that range of price, everyone can afford a first class Indonesian spicy cuisine experience. It is a restaurant worth a stop!

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