Exclusive Interview With Fatmah Bahalwan, On Hybrid Food and Homemade Vs Factory-Made

Tuesday, 10 September 2019 | 12:58 WIB
  • Fatma Bahlawan, founder of Natural Cooking Club
    Fatma Bahlawan, founder of Natural Cooking Club

    “It was exhausting," she admitted.

    "But God made my path smooth,” said Fatma at her house in Manggarai district, South Jakarta.

    In the early 2000s, after selling thousands of sponge cakes, she thought that it was time to give back.

    She felt she should share her skills to those needed, especially the housewives  still financially dependent on their husbands.

    She founded “Private Class with Ibu Fatma”, a one-student-one-teacher cooking class that she and his husband started in January 2005.

    Private Class with Ibu Fatma has transformed into Natural Cooking Club (NCC), a non-profit community on the ideals of solidarity to teach housewives to “make money from your own kitchen”.

    Initially, NCC had only 5 members when it first started.

    As years gone by, there are over 130.000 members in its Facebook group, as well as 37 thousand followers on the Instagram.

    Empowering thousands of women financially, Fatma who is now completely dedicating her time in teaching, met Kitchenesia.com in an exclusive interview.

    What really makes one a foodpreneur?

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