Singkong Keju Goreng, Delicious Tea-Time Snack with Minimum Effort

Thursday, 23 April 2020 | 14:43 WIB
  • Learn to make scrumptious yet easy Singkong Goreng Keju (fried cheese-stuffed cassava) at home with this step-by-step recipe!

    Singkong keju goreng
    Singkong keju goreng - There haven’t been any foods easier than Singkong Keju Goreng (fried cheese-stuffed cassava). This gold magic is everyone’s Plan B for the times when we are overwhelmed by our jobs. Everyone from any level of cooking expertise can whip this up. All you need to do is mix all ingredients, make rolls out of mixture, and fry them.

    Singkong Goreng also makes a perfect Iftar appetizer when you’re running late to home. Whip up in less than 45 minutes, and you can have enough time to set up the table, and watching TV in the meantime. You’re welcome.

    Duration: 45 minutes

    Yields: 20 balls


    500 grams steamed cassava, squeeze  until making a thick paste
    1 tbsp margarine
    50 grams sugar
    2 chicken egg’s yolks
    1 tbsp sesame seed
    1/4 tsp salt

    For filling:
    100 grams cheddar cheese, chopped into small dices

    For coating mix:
    100 grams all-purpose flour
    25 grams rice flour
    1 tbsp sugar
    1/4 tsp baking powder
    1/4 tsp salt
    150 ml water

    Cooking Steps

    1. Put all main ingredients in a bowl, mix with electric mixer until combined.

    2. Take a tablespoon of mixture and put diced cheese in the middle. Roll dough into balls. Repeat this step until the mixture (or cheese, whichever comes first). Set aside.

    3. Place all coating mix ingredients to a bowl, mix until combined using spoon. Set aside. Heat oil in wok over medium fire.

    4. Dip cheese-stuffed cassava balls into the coating mixture. Fry immediately in medium-fire wok. Stir constantly in between. Remove from wok when the balls turn brown.

    5. Serve singkong keju goreng (fried cheese-stuffed cassava) as a snack during working from home.

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