Roll Up the Day Suavely with Enticing Dessert of Puding Kacang Hijau

Wednesday, 8 April 2020 | 21:45 WIB
  • Already inviting from its appearance, the taste goes in line with it. Its delicacy is definitely for you to try

    Ravishing and tempting Puding Kacang Hijau
    Ravishing and tempting Puding Kacang Hijau - Something sweet can loosen up our overwhelmed mood immediately, this one dessert is no exception. Pudding Kacang Hijau with its ravishing look will spoil your gustatory and mend your mood. Grilled green beans is in perfect harmony with agar jelly.

    Spare your 45 minutes for its awaiting delicacy!

    Duration : 45 minutes

    Servings : 16 pieces


    Lower part:

    100 grams of mung bean skin, soak for 1 hour, drain, steam until cooked

    1,000 ml of plain soy milk

    3/4 packs of powdered agar

    1 teaspoon of instant jelly

    200 grams of granulated sugar

     1/2 teaspoon salt

    2 pandan leaves, tie

     100 ml of suji leaf water from 30 pieces of suji and 2 pieces of pandanus

    Uppert part:

    500 ml of mineral water

    2 pandan leaves, tie

    1/2 pack of powdered agar

    75 grams of granulated sugar

    25 grams of instant red pearl sago

     1/4 teaspoon salt

    Cooking Steps

    1. Lower part steps: green bean blender and 1/2 part soy milk. Take the extract.

    2. Boil 1/2 part of soy milk, gelatin, instant jelly, sugar, salt, and pandan leaves until it boils. Add the mixture of green beans and suji water. Stir until it boils. Turn off the heat.

    3. Pour in pan 20x20x7 cm box. Leave it half frozen.

    4. Upper part steps: mix all ingredients except pearl sago. Cook while stirring until it boils.

    5. Add pearl sago. Mix evenly while pouring over the upper part dough. Put it inside refrigerator or set it aside until it changes into solid form.

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