Your Viral Hangout Place: Sarinah, Coming Back With A Facelift For Everyone and Everything

Friday, 2 September 2022 | 08:11 WIB
  • Sarinah now caters for modern people's needs: a mall, a place to eat and a place to be together.
    Sarinah now caters for modern people's needs: a mall, a place to eat and a place to be together. - This is what Jakartans have been waiting for.

    After two years of refurbishment, the historic Sarinah mall finally reopens for the public.

    And of course, with a new look and lots of attractions.

    This is what makes Sarinah different from other malls.

    As the first mall in Indonesia, firstly opened in 1966 by President Soekarno, Sarinah is bound to a long history.

    Mall-goers can learn about the history of Sarinah in a mini-museum in the lobby.

    The name itself is unique, as Sarinah is named after Soekarno’s childhood nanny.

    Next to the museum, a 12-by-3 meter relief stands strong and becomes the highlight of the mall.

    But the relief is not simply for a spot to take selfies.

    It is estimated to be at least 50 years old though the artist is still unknown.

    The first escalator in Indonesia was also installed here.

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    Only in Sarinah where you can do the retail therapy and learning history.

    Sarinah now goes by a sleek and modern look.

    And of course, it appeals to millennials and Gen Zs.

    Sarinah also provides ample space where music gigs and art exhibitions often take place.

    We particularly love the rooftop garden that is very Instagram-worthy.

    Whether you are a shopaholic, a foodie, or both, Sarinah has the best for both worlds.

    It offers a huge range of eatery: Local to Oriental, family-style to casual café; all are under one roof.

    Local SMEs also take their part here, as there are about 500 SMEs assemble at Sarinah selling locally-made products such as traditional textiles, handicrafts, beauty, duty-free products, and many others.

    Another good thing about Sarinah is its accessibility.

    You can reach it on any public transportation in the city: Transjakarta, MRT, commuter line, literally anything.

    Sarinah provides the perfect setting for everyone to meet, play, and shop.

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