Simple Yet Delicious: Chef Vindex Tengker Spills How To Enjoy a Perfect Steak Like a Boss

Saturday, 24 July 2021 | 07:23 WIB
  • Chef Vindex Tengker answers steak-related questions we're always curious about.
    Chef Vindex Tengker answers steak-related questions we're always curious about.

    Some of Indonesia's traditional food require long, slow cooking to reach the best tastes. Do you think imported beef from Australia will fit Indonesia’s traditional recipes?

    Definitely, as long as using the right cut. Breed types, diet, and climate really influence beef quality. And I believe Australia provides the best climate for cattle. They are raised on pasture and grass-fed, thus produce juicy, flavorful beef.

    It took me 3-4 hours to cook beef rendang using Aussie beef, yet rendang normally takes up to six hours to whip up. I’ve recently cooked kalio (stewed beef, red with thick soup) and krengsengan sapi (East Javanese sweet stewed beef) using Aussie beef. You can check out the recipes on my Instagram.

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    Amateur enjoyers often order their steak well done because they are worried about some bacteria in rare beef. Can you please clarify?

    There’s nothing wrong with it. The fear also makes sense because people still associate redness with blood. Thus rare steak is mistaken as raw, bacteria-rich meat. The truth is that redness in rare steak is muscle tissue. The longer the meat cooks, the more its juiciness dries out, thus looking greyish. And in the realm of steak, greyness is not a good thing.

    On the contrary, is rare steak safe?

    Every degree of steak doneness is safe. Instead, steak purists love their steak raw because they can feel the beefy flavour in it. Lightly seared with very little oil ⎼ about two minutes or less for each side. This method allows the meat juice to lock inside, therefore looking red.

    The same method doesn’t work for chicken. You should not eat undercooked chicken, ever. Eating raw or undercooked chicken won’t give you the same experience as eating rare steak. On the contrary, you’ll possibly get an upset stomach.

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