Nasi Gulung Rendang: an Endless Moment of One Bite Goes for Another

Thursday, 26 March 2020 | 18:24 WIB
  • Let's try modifiy Rendang into Nasi Gulung Rendang for your savory breakfast. You won't feel guilty for ever trying!

    Nasi Gulung Rendang Goreng for your Morning Blast
    Nasi Gulung Rendang Goreng for your Morning Blast

  – Prepare something a little unusual for your breakfast tomorrow with modied rendang makes into Nasi Gulung Rendang (Rolled Rice with Fried Rendang). It will surely make you feel fulfilled and get you in the right mood. 

    Duration         : 45 minutes

    Yields              : 4 servings


    2 cans of rendang, roughly chopped

    2 tablespoons of instant rendang seasoning

    4 nori sheets

    1 Japanese cucumber, seeded, cut in length

    500 ml of oil for frying

    Ingridients for rolled rice:

    500 grams of hot rice

    1 stalk, finely sliced

    1/2 teaspoon salt

    1/4 teaspoon ground pepper

    Ingredients for the dipper sauce (mix evenly):

    75 grams of flour

    1 tablespoon of rice flour

    Cooking Steps

    1. Mix hot rice with leeks, salt, and ground pepper. Mix evenly. Set aside.

    2. Take a sheet of nori. Flatten the rice on top of it accordingly. Leave a little part of the edge to glue together.

    3. Add rendang seasoning on top of  therice. Put rendang meat accordingly. Add Cucumber.

    4. Roll it until it looks compact and has a round shape. Set aside and serve it.

    Sajian Sedap
    Redika Riasari
    David Togatorop


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