Chandra Yudasswara On Being Celebrity Chef and A-List Restaurateur: 'Never Forget My Roots'

Thursday, 6 August 2020 | 13:12 WIB
  • Father of two, Chef Chandra Yudasswara enjoys life between business and family.
    Father of two, Chef Chandra Yudasswara enjoys life between business and family.

    Kitchenesia hears how Chandra Yudasswara made it to the A-list, and why he never forgets his roots. - Lots of people, especially in their 20s, like the idea of studying things that lead them to stable jobs. But for Jakarta-born Chef Chandra Yudasswara, he always knew – from a young age – that he wanted to be a chef.

    His goal sparked from his father, who worked as a chef in a hotel. He used to bring his son to his office instead of dropping him at daycare. Although he was given toys and crayons to keep him busy, the young Chandra was more interested in observing his father working in the kitchen.

    “I thought cooking was really fun,” said the 42-year-old chef. 

    Chef Chandra Yudasswara was exposed to many cultures during his childhood. His father is a Sundanese, and sometimes whipped up some Sundanese foods.

    Nothing Beats Mom's Cooking

    His mother was the main cook, and often brought Indonesian cultures through foods to the dinner table. “My mother often cooked rendang (beef stew) and homemade dishes like telur balado (spicy egg),” he said while feeling nostalgic.

    “Sometimes she cooked light bites like bacang (chicken-stuffed glutinous rice) and ba pao.

    My understanding about his parents was typical: father going to office and mother cooking for kids. But given the fact that their offspring is one of the most successful chefs in the country, something unusual must have happened in the family.

    “I loved to observe how my mother cooked traditionally, and eventually practiced it,” said the Jakarta-born chef.

    “Her homemade foods have been my standard for measuring taste.”

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