2 Steps Away for Entire Day Energized with Es Kelapa Selasih

Thursday, 26 March 2020 | 18:25 WIB
  • Es Kelapa Selasih will ignite your morning spirit immediately with every slurp of it. It is only within 2 steps away!

    Energizing Es Kelapa Selasih
    Energizing Es Kelapa Selasih


    Kitchenesia.com – Don’t let yourself sink in your daily routines, everyday is a brand new day, we can always start anew. And a glass of Es Kelapa Selasih (Shredded Coconut Ice with Basil Seeds) will energize your entire day to keep yourself on guard.

    The good thing is, it is only within 30 minutes and 2 steps away!  

    Duration        : 30 minutes

    Yields             : 4 servings


    250 grams of young coconut, long dredge

    200 grams of green grass jelly, long dredge

    100 grams of nata de coco

    1 tablespoon of basil seeds, soak in cold water

    600 grams of shaved ice

    100 ml condensed milk, as a compliment

    Syrup ingredients:

    100 grams of granulated sugar

    150 ml of coconut water

    1 sheet of pandan leaves, tie

    Cooking Steps

    1. Boil the syrup ingredients until it starts boiling. Lessen the fire intensity. Cook it until it is getting thicker. Cool it down.

    2. Arrange young coconut, green grass jelly, nata de coco, and basil seeds. Pour syrup, shaved ice, and condensed milk accordingly on top of it. It is ready to be served.

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