Experiencing Indonesian Cuisines in Ambience of Utmost Splendor at Sailendra Restaurant of JW Marriott Jakarta

Friday, 6 March 2020 | 10:49 WIB
  • Front view of Sailendra Restaurant of J.W. Marriot Jakarta
    Front view of Sailendra Restaurant of J.W. Marriot Jakarta


    Kitchenesia visited Sailendra Restaurant of JW Marriott Jakarta. 

    Kitchenesia.com - Sailendra Restaurant of JW Marriott Jakarta, the name itself sounds euphony in my ears, let alone very Indonesian. The word “Sailendra” is after one of Indonesia once triumphant realms in Indonesia and South East Asia from Central Java in its heyday, back in 7 century.

    Though exalted, I shouldn’t be so surprised of what is to offer; when it comes to dishes. The restaurant itself critically acclaimed by many culinary curious as the best all day dining buffet restaurant with Indonesian cuisines as their main showcase.

    Sailendra Restaurant
    Sailendra Restaurant

    I am utterly dazzled with its Indonesian-inspired visceral arrangements; with open kitchen and nine live cooking stations in a total, its class is outright conspicuous.

    It is so telling and self-evident. An experience, prima facie, of all senses exceedingly spoiled. I haven’t touched its gastronomic excellence the place can cater with all the features.

    Two Indonesian Cuisines of Topmost Gastronomic Merit

    Out of eight Indonesia dishes especially served for Kitchenesia, neatly wrap in two-course meal: main course and dessert, most of them are main course, those of Bubur Manado (Manado porridge), Mandalika Rijstafel, Sate Pusut, Gecok Babat, Arsik, Ebatan, Mandalika Rijstafel, Fragrance Steamed Rice and Beberuk Terong; with one of the most extolled dessert of the restaurant, that of Dadar Gulung Cake.

    I would love to go in in-depth detail for these two dishes: Bubur Manado and Dadar Gulung Cake that I find have eminent gastronomic merits, for their taste and presentation. Those two in tandem would make a perfect combination for two-course meal.

    Juicy “Bubur Manado” propels Indonesia’s Culinary Heritage with Class

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