Burcik H.R. SULEMAN Brings Out Chicken Rice Porridge to Another Level with Lingered Taste of Spices

Thursday, 5 March 2020 | 10:46 WIB
  • Burcik H.R. SULEMAN offers its customers with pedestrian view.
    Burcik H.R. SULEMAN offers its customers with pedestrian view.

    Kitchenesia tries the widely acknowledged rice porridge of Cikini "BURCIK H.R. SULEMAN" 

    Kitchenesia.com – If you are in the mood of eating out for comfort foods, “Burcik H.R. SULEMAN” abrreviation for “Bubur Cikini” probably can be your option for culinary detour. It isn’t hard to find the place as it is quite spot on, precisely on Cisadane Street, No.121, RW.4, Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Its regular opening and serving hours is at 6 AM - 11 PM.

    I find the surrounding area of the food stall calming as it directly faces the main roads of Cikini, I can see passerby going to and fro, that in itself is an entertaintment to me.

    Though nothing especially outstanding when it comes to outward appearance, it reaches the heart of its loyal customers still due to its dishes especially the Bubur Ayam (Chicken Rice Porridge). With high pedestrian flow as the upront view, it feels inclusive yet has its own class still.

    Strong aftertaste of spices

    It is justifiable if “Burcik” becomes one of the most imminent places to eat out along the Cikini street as it has somewhat, though not significantly, stronger aftertaste of spices that I can’t really tell on others of the same kind. This one is simply on another level, it is rather thicker.

    The spices taste bold in my palate; even without additional soysouce it is drooling already to eat it in its original flavor, though not too outstanding either. 

    Generous condiments

    Gustatory aside, Burcik serves with abundant condiments, consisting of shredded chicken, soybean and ‘krupuk’ (crackers). Eventhough it shares the same features as those of street rice porridge, Burcik quite generous in pouring it. 

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