Delicious Soursop Layered Pudding, Perfect for Family's Best Moment

Wednesday, 12 February 2020 | 18:08 WIB
  • In the mood for an unusual sweet dessert? Try this delicious soursop layered pudding!

    Soursoup layered pudding to boost your appetite
    Soursoup layered pudding to boost your appetite - The Soursop Layered Pudding dish is very suitable to be served as a dessert. You can make the perfect dinner by mixing soursoup pudding that will satisfy your family's appetite.

    Its soft texture and sweet taste will make this pudding one of your family's favorite desserts. Follow the steps below!

    Duration       : 30 minutes

    Yields             : 11 glasses


    Colorful Jelly Material

    500 ml of air

    115 grams of granulated sugar

    1/2 pack of jelly powder

    2 drops of yellow coloring

    5 drops of green coloring

    Soursop Pudding Material:

    500 ml of air

    500 ml of soursop juice

    250 grams of soursop meat, blender until smooth

    1 packet of gelatin

    1 teaspoon of instant jelly

    1/4 teaspoon salt

    100 grams of granulated sugar

    Cooking Steps

    1. Boiled soursop juice, jelly powder, instant jelly, salt, and sugar until it boils. Add soursop blender. Stir well.

    2. Pour a little mixture in a small plastic cup. Leave it half frozen.

    3. Boil air, sugar, and jelly powder until boiling.

    4. Divide into two parts, one part adds yellow coloring. One part is completed adding green coloring.

    5. Pour a little yellow jelly over the milk pudding. Leave it half frozen. Add more milk pudding that has been heated first. Let it half frozen again. Pour some more green jelly. Leave it half frozen. Pour more milk pudding. Do it until the dough runs out. The last step, cool the dough.

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    David Togatorop


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