This Delectable Carabikang Will Surely Make Your Day More Memorable

Wednesday, 19 February 2020 | 16:28 WIB
  • Experience a memorable morning with the accompaniment of this mouth-watering Carabikang.

    Carabikang is suitable for everyone's taste
    Carabikang is suitable for everyone's taste - Staring the day with a loved one and being accompanied by a carabikang cake and a cup of warm tea will indeed be an unforgettable time. Its sweet taste and soft texture make this cake easy to get into. Serve your homemade Carabikang by following these steps.

    Duration : 45 minutes

    Yields : 30 pieces


    150 ml coconut milk, from 1/4 of coconut

    2 tablespoons of rice flour

    Main for Pisang Ijo:

    375 grams of rice flour

    75 grams of flour with medium protein

    100 grams of sago flour

    175 grams of granulated sugar

    1 1/4 teaspoon salt

    850 ml coconut milk, from 1 1/2 coconut

    12 cm shredded turmeric, just take the water (3 teaspoons)

    20 grams of flowers are boiled in 125 ml of water

    Material for sauce:

    300 ml coconut milk, from 1 coconut

    1/2 teaspoon salt

    Cooking Steps

    1. Cook rice flour and coconut milk while stirring until it burst. Lift.

    2. Pour the hot prickly heat into the mixture of rice flour, flour, sago flour, granulated sugar, and salt while stirring evenly.

    3. After warm, pour coconut milk little by little while shaking for 20 minutes.

    4. Take 75 grams of the mixture. Add turmeric water. Stir well. Take another 75 grams of the mixture. Add water to the bay flower. Stir well.

    5. Heat the carabikang mold. Fill with shredded coconut. Every now and then stir coconut. Remove from mold. Pour the dough as high as 3/4 of the mold. Drop the red and green mixture.

    6. Bake until the surface of the cake has holes. Pry the bottom and middle of the dough. Hold until it breaks. Lift.

    7. Brush the surface of the cake and the bottom of the cake with a spread.

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