Recipe of Fried Tahu with Petis Filings, A Tasty Late-Night Snack!

Thursday, 16 January 2020 | 09:44 WIB
  • Follow this recipe to cook your own Tahu Isi Petis (Fried Tofu with shrimp paste filling), the best snack on rainy season.

    Tahu Goreng Isi Petis (fried tofu with paste) is a fitting snack when rain season happening!
    Tahu Goreng Isi Petis (fried tofu with paste) is a fitting snack when rain season happening! - Big cities in Indonesia are all culinary powerhouses. You can find any kind of food in every corner of cities. Not to mention a gridlock, where you can find a plothera of fried delicacies called gorengan

    However, gorengan is not healthy-guaranteed for not only it is fried, but also exposed with pollution. Worry not, today's Kitchenesia recipe is about Tahu Petis (fried tofu with paste). Even though it is fried, at least you can make gorengan less unhealthy by cooking it yourself.

    Yields: 10 servings


    10 triangle-shaped tofu skin, halved then scrap off the white part inside. 

    2 tablespoon frying oil

    Dip sauce ingredients:

    100 gram wheat flour

    1 tablespoon rice flour

    1/2 teaspoon salt

    1/2 teaspoon pepper

    200 ml water

    Mix all ingredients well.

    Filling Ingredients:

    100 gram mung beansprout

    1 carrot, cut julienne strips

    100 gram tofu white filling 

    5 shallots, minced

    2 cloves garlic, minced

    2 cayenne pepper, sliced

    2 tablespoon balck shrimp paste (petis)

    1/2 tablespoon salt

    1/4 tablespoon pepper

    1/4 tablespoon sugar

    100 ml water

    1 leek, sliced.

    Cooking Steps

    1. For fillings, sautee shallots, garlic, cayenne pepper, and black shrimp paste until fragrant

    2. Add carrot and sautee until withered and absorb.

    3. Add water while stirring. Slide off on different plate.

    4. Fill all skin tofu with filling paste

    5. Dip tofu with fillings into deep sauce. Fry on medium heated oil until brown.


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