Acaraki At Kota Tua Is A Hidden Herbs Haven With Revealing Experience Like No Other

Saturday, 19 October 2019 | 12:04 WIB
  • Acaraki, Kota Tua: Every Effort You Make To Reach Here Is Worth It
    Acaraki, Kota Tua: Every Effort You Make To Reach Here Is Worth It - We know you'd love to be in those places like in the movies, a hidden blue-ish cafe playing romantic music and stuff with the bartender saying hello to you like an old friend.

    Say no more. Say hello to Acaraki.

    To get into Acaraki, first you must enter the Kerta Niaga building whose front side overlooking Kali Besar (i.e Big River in Bahasa Indonesia).

    Then, go past the dimly lit alley where a few vendors sell goods and food.

    What I mean by “few”  here is there are only three of them, spread thorughout the 150-feet-long alley.

    If you get lost you can always ask the three vendors for directions since they are not that busy anyway.

    Finally you'll arrive at Acaraki, it’s on your left if you are not aware where it is.

    In Acaraki, the efforts you make to reach here really worth the trip.

    Going inside, Acaraki stands out as a welcoming cafe with the right ambience you need.

    I am not just talking about the white-brick walls boasting rustic aesthetic, but also the vintage ornaments and ample lighting that enhance the humble atmosphere.

    Its bar counter has no boundary, creating a seamless connection between its barista and guests. It’s normal to see the barista and visitors chat and share a hearty laugh.

    They even call each other's with names, like a couple of good old friends having a good time.

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