Spicy Hard-Cooked Egg is An Easy Recipe for Busy Breakfast, Indonesian Style and Super Healthy

Thursday, 31 October 2019 | 09:21 WIB
  • The dish is hugely popular for Indonesian breakfast that you can easily find sold by street vendors or breakfast stalls. 

    Resep Telur Balado Yang Nikmat Dan Menggoda Ini Pas Untuk Menu Sahur Pagi Ini
    Resep Telur Balado Yang Nikmat Dan Menggoda Ini Pas Untuk Menu Sahur Pagi Ini

    Kitchenesia.com - Do you often skip breakfast to attend work on time? Now, ditch that excuse. Indonesian mothers have an ultimate recipe for super quick breakfast. It is spicy hard-cooked egg (i.e telur balado in Bahasa Indonesia), a nutrient-rich (scientifically proven) dish with simple preparation.

    In every piece, egg is a diseases-fighting powerhouse that contains carbs, protein, and good fat. It is a full-packaged source of nourishments. Spicy boiled egg is definitely a quick prep, tasty, and healthy breakfast for family. Also, it doesn't spoil easily, so you can spare and eat spicy hard-cooked egg on a whole day!

    Preparation time: 45 Minutes

    Yields: 10 portions



    10 hard-cooked eggs, halved lengthwise

    4 kaffir lime leaves, shred

    1 bay leaf

    1/2 tablespoon salt

    1/2 teaspoon sugar

    300 ml water

    2 tablespoon cooking oil

    Grinded Spices

    5 pieces shallot, finely chopped

    5 red chillies

    4 pieces big red chilli

    2 tomatoes

    Cooking Steps

    Cooking Steps:

    1. Heat cooking oil on pan. Add grinded spices, kaffir lime leaves, and bay leaf. Sauté until fragrant

    2. Add hard-cooked eggs. Stir while add salt and sugar

    3. Pour water. Stir until well-blended


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