At Kopi Goh Leng Cafe, Traditional Coffee Makes A Comeback and Gets Fancy

Tuesday, 20 August 2019 | 09:16 WIB
  • Kopi Goh Leng
    Kopi Goh Leng - They say that the first ever restaurant on the Moon will be a Padangnese Restaurant.

    Jokes aside, it will much likely be coming true, anyway.

    You can easily find Padangnese Restaurants scattered in Indonesia, ranging from ones that everyone can afford to such that can cost half of your monthly expenses.

    Indonesians love Padangnese Restaurants.

    Not just the food but it's that warm funny feeling you have when you eat there. Much like the good old times when your mom cooked you good home meals and you don't need to worry about anything else.

    You can forget all social manners known to mankind and culture when you eat at Padang Restaurant.

    Go on, eat with your hands - with one foot resting on the chair next to yours if you like - while spices making sweat roll down your face. And no one is complaining.

    Yet, Padangnese Restaurants can offer more than that: Coffee.

    Right. Apparently, there's always a need for a coffee shop here in Indonesia.

    This time and age must have been the golden age for coffee afficionados and if you are one among the happy crowd, you might need to check out Kopi Goh Leng Cafe at Pacific Place, Jakarta.

    David Togatorop
    David Togatorop


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