Iki Koue at Neo Soho Mall, West Jakarta, Traditional Sugary Treats in an Artful Edge Is Their Speciality

Friday, 18 September 2020 | 16:11 WIB
Iki Koue aims to introduce traditional desserts and snacks that are less popular with good taste and stylish appearance.

Located in Neo Showo, West Jakarta, Iki Koue features less-known Indonesian traditional sweet treats and savoury snack.

Located in Neo Soho, West Jakarta, Iki Koue promises rare traditional desserts with a creative spin.

Kitchenesia.com - Now we’re living in half in, half out sort of new normality, when sun-basking in the park and going for a bike ride are acceptable. Home quarantine was never mandatory. It was more of an awareness and the fear of people giving out judgmental stares. 

It’s also interesting to think some harmless, pre-pandemic habits also need to be left out. Remember attending concerts? Or eating at the buffet? Nah, forget those habits and moving on. We’re not going to meet them on many days ahead.

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Current pandemic also holds me back from taking up my ultimate hobby: eating some traditional light snacks. Nearly every time, traditional snacks are showcased in an unlidded container and sold in open-air markets.

My hobby is not safe since forever, but this time is riskier.

Several business owners have heard people’s demands for safer and more hygiene foods. Iki Koue is one of them; however, they play the game riskier: selling variants of rare traditional light bites.