From Parking Lot to Culinary Spot: Kitchenesia’s Guide to Thamrin 10, Jakarta’s Hippest Hangout Place

Tuesday, 25 February 2020 | 19:13 WIB
Follow Kitchenesia's Guide to Thamrin 10, the hippest culinary hub in Jakarta, from what to bring to what to buy!

Thamrin 10 is a hippest culinary hub located on M.H Thamrin Street, Central Jakarta.

Formerly a parking lot, Thamrin 10 has reinterpreted itself to become Jakarta’s trendiest culinary spot. – Until a few months ago, a vacant land on M.H Thamrin Street was simply used as a parking lot only. Considering much potentials it offers – especially relating to location – there were many plans going around to make this land more benefitting.  

Moreover, Jakarta’s white collars near Thamrin yearn for an only-steps-away hangout place to go straight after work. There are plenty of eateries around already, such as Kota Tua and M Bloc Space. But the demands for closer and bigger hangout place were always high

This is why the 2-acre land retransformed who used to be Thamrin Park and Ride transformed into Thamrin 10 Food and Culinary Park, and has been a hit since it opened in late 2019.

There are 54 food tenants atThamrin 10 Food and Creative Park , selling an array of food and beverages.

The center stage of Thamrin 10 is 54 tenants that stretched of snacks, noodles, desserts, coffees, and many others. Operated by PD. Pasar Jaya, a city-owned market operator company, this not necessarily makes the tenants are obligated to sell traditional foods only.

In fact, it is a common view to see pizza or lasagna tenants next to kerak telor (Betawi-style omelet) sellers. The market competition in Thamrin 10 is healthy despite the crowded market. Most foods prices set less than IDR 50,000 (USD 3.7), with minimum prices vary according to the foods.

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For your information, Thamrin 10 is free entry.