The Legendary Nasi Campur Warung Wardani is Now Available in Bintaro! Here's What It Looks Like!

Friday, 17 January 2020 | 12:48 WIB
Warung Wardani opens its branches in Transpark Bintaro, offering the legendary Nasi Campur with 7 toppings!

Warung Wardani in Transpark Bintaro offers Nasi Campur with 7 side dishes. - Nasi campur lovers near Jakarta and Tangerang now can eat their favorite food only a step away from their home. And, if possible, on daily basis. 

The legendary restaurant Warung Wardani, which doesn't have branches for years, is now brought to Bintaro, South Tangerang under PT. Trans Food & Beverages license.

Adapting to Bintaro view, Warung Wardani in Transpark Bintaro boosts modern chic ambience. However, its signature nasi campur (Balinese mixed rice) is authentic according to its original. 

"Warung Wardani's Nasi Campur with Seven Toppings has become locals and tourist favorite, making the restaurant is titled as the must visit restaurant in Denpasar," said Soniya Ana, the brand executive of Warung Wardani

Sate Lilit (minced meat satay), one of Balinese food offered at Warung Wardani.

The said food boosts seven delectable toppings consisted of: ayam suwir (shredded chicken), dendeng (beef jerky), udang cripsy (crispy shrimps), sate sapi (beef satay), sate lilit (minced meat satay), pindang telur (braised eggs), tempe (fermented soybean), and tofu.

For vegetables side dishes, there are sayur kalasan (Balinese sauteed long bean) and jackfruit soup. Shrimp sambal is also available as an additional condiment. 

Besides food, Warung Wardani also offers an array of artisanal beverages, es jeniper is one of them. The mocktail extracts sourness of keffir limes and other ingredients, exuding two flavors simultaneously: sweet and sour. 

"Get a special price for Nasi Campur with seven toppings and four until January 31," said Soniya closing the press conference.