True Aussie Beef: Beef Cooking Made Easy And Delicious for Everyone, Every Recipe

Tuesday, 22 June 2021 | 09:38 WIB
  • Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) Indonesia organized an event called
    Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) Indonesia organized an event called - A common adage says that, “not all beef is the same”. While it is undoubtedly true, beef is rather complicated. Unlike poultry or fish, beef customers face some head-scratching terminology: grass-fed, grain-fed, crossbred, etc. Overanalyzing seems inevitable when it comes to beef-shopping.

    This problem discussed in an event called “The Great Steak Escape”, organized by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) Indonesia, Wednesday (6/16) at JW Marriott Hotel, Jakarta.

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    “Australia’s cattle are known for living in the vast, natural pastureland. They are also grass-fed. Thus, Aussie beef produces flavourful, juicy meat,” said Business Development Manager International Markets of MLA Indonesia, Christian Haryanto.

    And, another question arises: can Aussie beef be processed in a traditional style? Indonesia’s traditional food is known for long, slow cooking. Some even spend a staggering six-hour cooking process, such as Rendang.

    Best Beef for Every Recipe

    Celebrity Chef Vindex Tengker answered this question. “Beef cut is very important. Thus, chuck or shank is the best for slow-cooking,” said the former MasterChef Indonesia judge.

    “I myself always use Aussie beef for cooking traditional food, such as kalio (stewed beef, red with thick soup) and krengsengan sapi (East Javanese sweet stewed beef). You can follow both recipes on my Instagram.”

    Actor and restaurateur Dimas Beck also trusts Aussie beef for his catering business. “I only use the best grocery for my catering business. And Aussie beef comes with the best result for any recipes.”

    Aussie beef is a halal, high-quality beef that goes perfectly with any recipes.
    Aussie beef is a halal, high-quality beef that goes perfectly with any recipes.

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    This event also saw three Indonesia’s best chefs, Chef Vindex Tengker, Chef Vania Wibisono, and Chef Chandra Yudasswara, went head-to-head in a cooking battle. They brought up their best recipes using Aussie beef.

    “Aussie beef is halal, high-quality beef that fits with any recipes,” said Christian Haryanto in his closing statement.

    For more information about Australia's beef, go to True Aussie Indonesia's website, Instagram, and YouTube.

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