Warm up Your Body Amidst Uncertain Condition with Wedang Kolang-Kaling

Friday, 20 March 2020 | 16:12 WIB
  • This ever-changing weather can make our mood wavered. To put your mind at ease, a glass of Wedang Kolang-kaling is suffice

    A glass of Wedang Kolang-kaling to chill out your mind
    A glass of Wedang Kolang-kaling to chill out your mind

    Kitchenesia.com – Stingy afternoon can turn into heavy rain all of a sudden these days. Our bodies undergo major temperature swift and it can be draining at times. To keep it steady warm a cup of lukewarm Wedang Kolang-Kaling (Ginger Tea with Seasoned Sugar Palm Fruit).

    Not only is it relaxing but also tasty and healthy. Have a try!

    Duration        : 45 minutes

    Yields             : 6 servings


    Seasoned kolang-kaling ingredients:  

    500 grams kolang-kaling, sliced, boiled, set aside  from its remaining

    5 pandan leaves

    100 grams of granulated sugar

    1,000 ml of coconut water

    Ingredients for soup:

    1,500 ml of water

    25 gram secang wood shavings

    2 lemongrass stems, take the white, memarkan

    2 cm cinnamon

    2 cloves

    300 grams of ginger, roasted,

    100 grams of palm sugar

    Supplementary Ingredients:

    75 grams of sweetened condensed

    Cooking Steps

    1. Framing steps: Mix all material fro. Boiled until boiling. Drain well.

    2. Soup steps: Boil all gravy ingredients over low heat until water is only 3/4.

    3. Arrange the contents in the glass. Pour the sauce and serve with thick sweet.

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