Celebrity Chef Yuda Bustara On the Secrets To Be Sturdy and Healthy Despite Eating Freely

Friday, 1 November 2019 | 10:52 WIB
  • Celebrity Chef Yuda Bustara Revealed His Secret To Stay Sturdy While Still Eat Everything
    Celebrity Chef Yuda Bustara Revealed His Secret To Stay Sturdy While Still Eat Everything

    Kitchenesia met Chef Yud Bustara, a 32-year-old chef who often appears on TV recently. He shared about his secret in fit body while still enjoy fast food. 

    Kitchenesia.com - At 7 years old, children commonly are aspired to be a doctor or pilot or some other heroic jobs they see on TV. But the 7-year-old Yuda Bustara knew that he wanted to be a chef. While his peers watched cartoons on weekends, he loved to watch Chef Sisca Soewitomo’s Aroma on TV.

    “Easy, isn’t it?” said Yuda Bustara as he imitated Chef Sisca’s jargon on Aroma. Aroma is the first cooking show airing on Indonesian TV network. It had been broadcasted since 1996, and reached the final episode in 2011.

    Chef Yuda Bustara on cook attire
    Chef Yuda Bustara on cook attire

    His desire in cooking grew bigger as he reached adolescence. He decided to learn cooking formally at Taylor's Collage and Universite Le Mirail School of Hospitality and Tourism in Malaysia. His education hit a bump in the way, but he knew he'll be fine - he just needed to redistribute his assignments and keep going.

    "During my first days in college, I peeled tons of onions and potato for 14 hours every day," said the buffy-shaped chef as he recalled his training days. "'Are these things even useful to my culinary career?' I desperately thought, but then I realized everything I learned at school did make an impact. It taught me about resillient."

    His hardwork paid off: he hosts two cooking shows on Asia Food Channel broadcasted in 13 countries; trusted by famous food brands to be their Brand Ambassador; and being a food influencer for national-scal food events. While enjoying his peak days, Chef Yuda Bustara never forgets to encourage his followers to live healthily in fun ways.

    As stated on your website, your mission is to encourage people to eat healthy, eat yummy, and cook simple. I believe such food is really rare. Do you think your goal is not far-fetched?

    Health starts from balance. It would be pointless if people eat salad every day, but they smoke hard and never exercise. I encourage people to practice healthy lifestyle as a whole. We can achieve healthy living by doing simple things, like choosing no-oil frying pan, or keep portion size under control. 

    Also, I believe that people would choose to eat healthy if they have an opportunity to do so. 

    You look healthy and strong despite your fondness in eating food like instant noodle and nasi padang (Padangnese-style dish with various side dishes). Any secret to stay ripped and eat tasty?

    I think people in general assumed that if they want to start healthy lifestyle, they're doomed to haved a growling stomach until they reach their goal. I object this highly. Healthy lifestyle should be continous, if possible, forever. 

    I still eat fast and junk food like fried snacks and instant noodle, but eating them less frequent and under control. For instance, I eat instant noodle once in a week. I also combine them with greens and egg so that I will get nutrition from every meal. Most importantly, eat on schedule. Do not ever eat when you're starving. They both make difference in your eating attitude. 

    At 32 years old, you have your own cooking show on international TV. Many food brands recruited you as their Brand Ambassador. I think your career goals have exceed any celebrity chef

    My ultimate goal is to have my own restaurant, but I think it is impossible to happen soon. I am privileged to be an advisor of Ministry of Tourism's programs overseas. But the job requires a lot of travel. That's why I can't join chefs' bandwagon in building a restaurant. 

    Chef Yuda Bustara with Chef Sisca Soewitomo
    Chef Yuda Bustara with Chef Sisca Soewitomo

    Surprisingly, some of my friends who are Micheline star chefs said they envy me. They said that managing a restaurant required a commitment that hinders them from having a vacation. If a restaurant gets a Micheline star, the chef should maintain or even level up its rating. If they fail to do so, the restaurant's reputation will also go down. 

    It's funny how people want something other people wish they don't have. 

    As a chef, do you have a prediction for 2020's food trend?

    Packaged and canned food go healthy. There will be a lot of gluten-free, non-cholestherol, or vegan food choices in restaurants and supermarket.

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