Spend Your Weekend Cuisine Getaway With Scrumptious Selections at the Damar Restaurant, Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills

Friday, 4 October 2019 | 07:58 WIB
  • Damar Restaurant of Pullman Ciawi
    Damar Restaurant of Pullman Ciawi

    Kitchenesia.com - People don’t just look for great food and drinks in a restaurant.

    As the time goes and preferences evolve, they also look for great service, nice ambience, original concept, beautiful interior, and of course overall satisfying dining experience.

    A bit too much of a request, you said?

    It is.

    Unless there's a place providing all those. 

    A new destination in West Java, Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills Resort Spa & Convention offers just that.

    The first Pullman Resort in Indonesia is a refreshing getaway option with lush resort garden and an endless view of the mountainous panorama.

    Seemingly far from the urban bustle, the resort is close to Bogor and Puncak and only an hour drive from Jakarta. Well, more or less an hour.

    The resort provides a sense of serenity in the area with natural surroundings and fresh cool air.

    And in the heart of it all is the resort’s restaurant, Damar.

    Damar Restaurant's private dining room. Pullman Hotel Ciawi
    Damar Restaurant's private dining room. Pullman Hotel Ciawi

    Damar Restaurant is a vibrant all-day dining where guests are invited to stay as long as they like.

    The dining room is designed with the diners’ comfort in mind – satisfying both hunger and visual appetites.

    The walls are coated with colors of red & black and its interior is designed with natural wooden elements and patterned ceramic floor tiles, adapted from classic Indonesian houses.

    Ergonomic chairs with soft cushions surround large wooden tables, looking traditionally elegant.

    On top of them, one-of-a-kind cutleries – a redesigned, modern-take on zinc plates & glass that are mostly used by stalls on the streets of Java in the past – are set and ready to use.

    Beautifully hanging above the tables are unique light fixtures with shape following traditional rattan cages that traditional people use to keep livestock.

    Bebek Goreng Virmala Hiils of Pullman Ciawi
    Bebek Goreng Virmala Hiils of Pullman Ciawi

    The breakfast? A bountiful breakfast buffet greets guests every morning.

    Another buffet is served at lunchtime, and yet another at dinnertime.

    Extensive brunch selections are also offered on the weekends.

    A la carte dishes are always available, from authentic Indonesian delicacies to tasty international favorites.

    The besat part is that Pulman Ciawi’s cuisine are made from high quality locally-grown ingredients.

    The Chef’s signature dish, Bebek Goreng Vimala Hills (Fried Duck a la Vimala Hills), is a must try at the Damar Restaurant’s.

    The duck is traditionally seasoned and fried to create a mouth-watering taste in a crispy texture finish.

    Served with steamed rice, vegetables crudities, fried tofu or bean cake and chili sauce, it is truly a treat of a meal.

    Continental Breakfast (left) and The Green (right), signature menu of Pullman Ciawi
    Continental Breakfast (left) and The Green (right), signature menu of Pullman Ciawi

    Whether in the morning, afternoon or evening, Damar Restaurant welcomes guests who want to dine with families, casual hang out with friends and meeting with colleagues.

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