Healthy and Hassle-Free, 4 Food Trends You Will See Everywhere in 2020, According to Food Experts

Wednesday, 8 January 2020 | 14:07 WIB
From hassle-free to healthy (still), these 4 food trends are going to takeover big parts of Indonesia in 2020.

(On picture: hamburger noodles) 2019 saw so many food that combines western and traditional influences. It is called fusion food, and it predicted to trend in 2020.

Here are all the five food trends you are going to see anywhere in 2020, according to professional chefs and food experts Kitchenesia have interviewed. - Besides wishes and resolutions, 2020's trendy food also becomes a topic everyone's fussing about. Trendy food in Indonesia, however, doesn't change much like in western countries. 

Perhaps some people might think food trend is trivial thing to discuss. But for foodpreneur, restaurateur, and food company, food trend is really important for understanding customer preference, choosing new ingredients, and even arranging new marketing strategy. 

Kitchenesia curates 4 important food trends that are projected to rise in 2020. Here we run through healthy a mouth-watering array of vegetarian-friendly foods to yoghurt with sticky rice combination in it.